Kim Bum Profile - Boys Over Flowers | Boys Over Flowers KPOP

Name: 김범 / Kim Bum
Real Name: 김상범 / Kim Sang Bum

Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1989-Jul-07
Height: 181cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Cancer
Talent agency: EYAGI Entertainment
Family: Younger sister and brother, cousin/singer Jini
Education: Jungang University (Movie and Theater Department)

TV Series
Dream (SBS) (SBS, 2009)
Boys Over Flowers (KBS2, 2008) (played the role of So Yi-jung)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006)
Outrageous Women (MBC, 2006)

Kim Bum on Boys Over Flowers
Kim Beom as So Yi Jeong
Yi Jeong’s father is Korea’s most famous Master of Arts. When Yi Jeong’s older brother leaves the family, Yi Jeong suddenly becomes the heir to Korea’s largest private museum, Woo Song. He is popular with girls due to his gentle manners and clean-shaven appearance. After being hurt by his first love he turns into a bit of a playboy, but then he starts to show an interest for Jan-di’s friend Ga-eul. Cold and uncompromising at first, Yi Jeong is in fact a warm character at heart.

Emergency (2009)
71 (2009)
Gosa/The Story (2008)
I Like It Hot (2008)

Bon.I.F (2009, with Kim So Eun)
Maxim Coffee (2009, with Seo Woo)
Samsung Anycall: Haptic Pop (2009, with Kim Joon & Kim Hyun Joong)
Hanbul Cosmetics (2009)
T.I For Men (2009)
LG Telecom: Teenring (2009, with Lee Min Ho & Koo Hye Sun)
Spris (2009, with Go Ah Ra)
KTF SHOW: Show Al Game (2008, with Shim Eun Kyung)
Ottogi Ramyeon (2007)
Jindo P.S.1 (2007)
Crown Vic: Big Pie (2007, with Kim Hye Sung & Park Min Young)
KTF (2006)

2008 Korean Drama Festival: Netizen Popularity Award

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im ross joy..from the Philippines..
hope u can read my message..
i really love your movie..
and you're so "gwapo"..
hope you can also send me messages..
thank you..

Urr Totally Cutee!!
Love Ur Smile!!
I Really Lovee Ur Movie Ghosa(Death Bell)
& Boys Before Flowers!!
U Really Cool At Acting!!
Hope You Come In More Dramas!!


i really do watching boys over flowers..
keep it up..perfect killer smile.thanks

i do always pray for your guidance.
many of the girls had a crush on you here on davao.
i hope you will go here on davao city.
i really love your eyes too.

Hi, I'm Ichi from Indonesia
Me and my friends love you so much...
Do your better to all your drama, yeah!!!

Really the killer smile..

Hi! kim bum if you can read this and hi to his fans 2!
Your really a cute guy... your handsome and I really like your expressive eyes...

luv u kim bum
♥♥more power 2 u

i really like your show ..

hope you come here in the philippines ..

i love you all ..


your really handsome kim bum ..

i love you .. :)


your soooooooooo cute i love ur eyes and the way you smile,,,,,,,,i'm melting

i love you kim bum you are so cute!

.....'you're so very very handsome kim bum...
you're not cute becoz cute is for puppies only....!!!!mwah!!!take care!!always smile!!

ehm.. hi..
i dont know what i must to say now..
but i will learn how to speak korea..
coz.. its not ordinary.. its strange., there's a lot of cute,, cool actor,, but.. there's only one like u.. hope u read my comment.. its enough 4 me,, coz i think i can't know u more,, ha =),,
bye,, "semoga kau slalu bersinar",,

to:KIM BUM from:sheilla and linda INDONESIA I LOVE U KIM BUM

♥♥hi kim bum you are so cute in boys over flower...
♥♥everyday i watching boys over flower i'm ur fans hir'z in phillipines

..I LOVE YOU kim bum...!!!!!!
..YOUR SUPER GWAPO........ said...

Kim bum, " I Love U 4 eVer "
Kim bum, i will go to korea,
I dot now, I Love You 4ever. ever, ever, and ever
I will a wait you to 4ever
Love U

i like this drama so much!!
love kim bum.. ^^

hi kim bum! you're so cute! can you be my escort on my 18th birthday??, I'm Kirsten from the Philippines :-)

anyong haseyo kim bum?.

hai im ichi hutagalung u fan from Indonesia.
i'm very.....very.......very fan to u
i'm like u acting, u always smile.
u smile kill me

actually i very want to Korea but its impossible
so when u visit to indonesia
i always waiting..

always and keep u smile (coz u smile make me happy and give me spirit)

God Bless U 4ever.......

by the way can u give u FACE BOOK?

h! poh uzta n poh kyo

plz add me

hai!! this is jenny from cebu phils. i really like ure drama.. i hope you can visit here in cebu..i wish im gonna meet you all soo...!!!

ur so handsome...
im jolina

very cute n handsome boy from BBF.. >.<
kim bum..
love u sooo... ^o^

so cute

hi i'm dila from indonesia.
i wish you come to here...
i always waiting for that!


w0w! boys over flowers is the best movie here in the philippines!!!!

kim bum!!
i love you 4ever,ever,ever,and ever...
pLzZz add me
by the way can u give u facebook??

i love u kim bum

kim bum .. i love u

kim bum...if you can look my comment...i want to say to you "I like you"...
youre smile is very nice...i like it so much...
i hope i can look you in somewhere...but i think its impossible....

but i alwayz hope you can come to indonesia...

can you give me youre facebook....


hi kim bum

more power......

hi..u'r so handsome...

hi iam amiel!!!
u know,ur the one that is so cute & handsome!!!
iam the one fanatic of B.O.F.
i wish that you can come to the phillipines.
this is my friendster plszz add me up..!
thank youuuuuuu

soeulmates sana si kim so eun (ga eul) ang makatuluyan mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pinas mania tlga!!!

hi!kim bum iwnt 2 met yah.plsssssssss.come 2 philipines for my niece thea.i hope you'll read and send me a message.


i love you..........

you are so sweet

im rizka........
it is friendster

hi!! lpit n birthday m! ganda boys over flower!! cute m tlaga!!

"im rhu, from indonesia...

kim bum,


just keep smile ^^

i hope i will meet you...

anyOng haseyO kiM bUm......?
im boOW, chungkring N puZHie....
kIm bUm you're so cUtE.....
when u visit to INDONESIA.... (?_?)
luph u kiM bUm.....

hallo kim bum ..

my name chenchen ...
made in indonesia .

Hai,.I'm fitri from Indonesia
I like u all
I hope u're want to coming in Indonesia
BBF it my favorite TV series
guys,.can't I get you're e-mail address
Or friend situs like facebook mey be,.
heee,.thank u goodluck n' love u all

hi kimbum!!ur so pogi u....!!muaaah...ur my dream boy..hehehe...


I hope that you come Thailand again...

I love you so much...

My friends love you too..^^

You sing a song so good...

EX. I'm going to meet you now

I hope you are so happy...

From...Fan club~~ThaiLand^^Pang

Love...Boys Over Flowers''


Kim bom

You come Thailang again

I love you


hey ..

where are you?
you're very so sweet ..

i hope you come my country Indonesia . Thanks

I love you

kim bum oppaaaa!!
im one of thai fans
i really do love your works
and i do love you toooooo
keep on smilingggg :)
work hard
take careeeee

kim bum oppa fightinggg!!!!

you are a handsome!!!............

hi!!!!!!♥♥♥♥happy birthday i luv u so much ur so handsome u r d only one in my heart

hi!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥jeanny riz is here is always to support u;ur d only one that i love and u are most handsome that seen keep smilling....happy birthday..♥♥♥♥♥i love u so much.mwauhhhhhh,./,

.......hi.......i love you♥♥♥
.you are so handsome........ bumers...mwuaah........

......hai kim elyssa antonio....
..from philippines,,you are so handsome and you have a attractive smile....happy2x b-day...
...♥♥♥♥i love u so much♥♥♥♥
...see you soon...

...hello...have a nice day...


.....hai kim bum....have a nice are so handsome...i want to see you soon...
...anyway i'm elyssa antonio from philippines...
♥♥♥i love you so much♥♥♥ are the best actor in the whole world...
♥♥♥i love you so much♥♥♥

hi kim bum....adbans happy birthday to you...i wish you all da best,,,,cute mo tlaga pag nka smile...

heyy!!!!=♥♥♥♥ im riz u know wat we keep watching bof!!!!

hi kim bum im cristine hope u can read my msg.your so cute and handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your my # idol!!!!!!!!dont change your atittude! i love you poh!!

plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! addddddd nyo ko♥♥♥♥ u know what u my my inspiration to be duh!!!! ♥♥

hii1!! ur my NUMBER ONE FAN AT ALL MY LIFE!!!!!♥♥♥♥ im from philippines at pigcawayan

i'm nguyenhongnhung i'm from viet nam.i like watching bof very much.i like f4 .like kimbum and lee min ho

hey everyone!i'm hongnhung.i'm from viet nam
i like f4 very much.happy birthday to you,kimbum

hello, happy birthday...wishing that you have more birthdays to know what where the same "star sign" Im also a "cancer".....hope that you will always have a good health...take care, and once again happy birthday!!!

By: Hanibelle R. A.

Kim Bum , if you can read this , just so you know i love you a lot !! I love your smile and your eyes (: . Can't live a day without looking at you even once , hahaha . Loveeee !

have a nice day♥♥♥ u know wat u very lucky coz u very handsome and talented♥♥♥


hi, kim sang bum....... i'm so sad.. today, nothing people remember my birth....

kim bum........... maybe some people is very love you, but i want show to you........
in this, i want to succes. if i can succes, i must meet you in KOREA.. because you are inspiration for me

from; gals zea

...hello i really love watching boys over flowers i'm one of your fans coz your so cute

"kim bum..



sorry to Late,


From Indonesia


my name is a giovani,i from to indonesia...

i is a your fanatic fans...

i love you kim bum..


my dream is a you come is my home...

^^ god bless youu...

hi kim bum !! what are you doing now ?? i'm sasha ,, your fans from indonesia .. i like your smile .. i think your face very cute and handsome .. i really like watching your film "boys over flowers" !! succes to you !!


hi kim bum im ianna u know i really love you i wish that some day i will see you in personal,, and plz add me in my frindster tnx bye i loven you,,,,


hi kim bum!
i'am dita from indonesia!
i like you because you cute and handsome..
i love you kim bum!
i like you kim bum!

from: dita may pradani
nganjuk city,indonesia

you know why..
ur so handsome
.and so cute,,
,,i think ilove you,,

,,hope you can read this,,
.bye,., im shalea from Philippines..
..good day..

ang cute moh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yi jung!i'm really crazy over you!will u marry me???

kim bum,you cute n'handsome,,i like n' i love you..i'am dita may pradani from nganjuk city,indonesia.. love you forever kim bum..

i really love the way u smile ............... you're so cute..... kimbum i love you so much . . . . . i'm mae belen

ur so cute i really love the way
you smile and keep on
smiling take care always ....
i'm aive from philippines..
love you kim bum..

hi kim bum...
i am MaRy JeAn, from Philippines...
i know that, that you know your so cute, at first i didn't notice you as one of F4, but suddenly when i always watch boys over flowers that's the time i felt i like you...
of course I'm only one of you're million fans...
and not expecting greater than that..!!
I'm hoping you can visit my country,,,
and also I'm hoping too..that time you are here, i can come with you're visit...
if you don't mind, this is my yahoo account..

ill waiting you're e-mail or messages...
that's all... [ mahal kita ]

god bless..take care always..

i really admire you

hi i like u as an actor i hope you keep up ur good work.......wish u luck and more power........

my cousin, martina and i really go crazy for you!!! i hope you'll visit the philippines soon. We love you kim bum!!!- from mylene

hi,kim bum..
oneday i'll go to seoul for meet you..

when do you come to indonesia???
i will wait for you in here..
do you have a girlfriend??
oo.. i'm so jealous.. hiks..hiks

god bless you.. bum......

i'm really...really love you....

u'r so cute......


kim... Indonesia is waiting for you...


come on,, be hurry!

hi.. uhmf u know.. ur so cute... ur smyl mkes my heart go crazy... hope u wud visit us here in Philppines.. and hope u wud mind it.. tnx.. and kif safe.. love yah!!

kim bum sorry i cannot speak korean to much by i wanna say keep your smile from your friend in indonesia

hi kim bum,
i just wanna say
i love you so much..

hi kim bum

i wanna see you in person


youre cute

Anna Rose said:

hi kim bum

i wanna see you in person
hi.. uhmf u know.. ur so cute... ur smyl mkes my heart go crazy... hope u wud visit us here in Philppines.. and hope u wud mind it.. tnx.. and kif safe.. love yah!!

hi Kim Bum..
I wanna meet you someday..
I'm sorry I can't speak in English so much..
Are you have girlfriend ??

can you message me at ??
thanks.. GBU..

i liked when you play the trumpet :)

.., i rEalLy adOrE yOu ..,

.., I LOVE YOU KIM BUM ..,♥♥♥

hi..... i love you kim bum bcuz you are so cute and very handsome........ i hope you will read my message,,,,and i like the boys over flower.......

,,,,, i love you,,,,,

i love you kimbum mmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

HI........I AM UR FAN

you mirip org yg ku suka....

mkanya ku seneng liat kamu....,

kim bum

hi Kim Bum my name is Febrina from Indonesia.
i love you Kim Bum.

im acie from indonesia

i know you when i watch BOF in indonesia
and i just want to say that everything that you do,me and all your fans in indonesia wish that you will always get the best in your life...

because i know that you have some thing amazing...

kim bum, i love you very much!!!!! you are handsome, cute and i like your smile!!!! it's make me fly!!! please, come to indonesia!!!!

hello Kim Bum....
i'am Minanda from Indonesia....
I love you full ..hahahahaa....

you soo cute........
i love u ,verry,verry,verry,verry much . . .

Hello kim bum....
you are so cute and i like your smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiara monica dp said...

btw Ge nGaPaIn nEh ?
I Mo nNYa w sayang NGet MA U And nge_fans nget........!!!!
W SE neNG NHgET Flim boyz over flowers

hello sunbae kim bum
are you online.......
my astri

lols my birthday is on the same day as urs.haha late Happy birthday wishes to u

I´m from germany. In my summerholidays 2009 I was in Vietnam and my cousins watched "Boys over Flowers". In the first moment I saw it, I thought what is that for a shit but later, i learned to liked. I see, a lot of girls like you. I can understand. I like you to ;) but I know, the person that you act in Boys over flowers is not like the person in real life.
;) goodbye. wisch you a nice day.

Kim Bum, I will find you!
I swear it to you.

Sarangheo, 김범! Jiayoujiayou! Always supporting you!


by : shine

kim bum you so swit

kim bum,,,

i love you...

kim bum your so cute so eun and you my favorite loveteam

shaby cute

i'm lina ...
i'm from Indonesia...
you are very very very HANDSOME.........


You smile SwEEt.........




hy kIm,,,
yOu rEaLly hAnDsoMe aNd vErRy cUtE...
I LOVE YOU . . .
fRoM yOuR fRiEnD iN iNDoNeSiA...

you look very handsome when wear blanket.

hy ,kum bum ??
im putry , your fanz from indonesia . .

kim bum ,, you are very very handsome

i love u 4ever . . .


hmmmmmmmm....ur my ultimate crusshhh!!!!!!!!
i like ur you..........

keep on smiling okk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI... kim bum...
i'm so happy to see your film in BBF..
hahah... i'm so glad..

hi kim bum,,,hw are u,hope u come back again here in philippines.alwys take care and keep smilling,,saranghe

hiiii brother kim bum......
im yanda from indonesia....
my sister it's your fanz....
she loving u....
coz that....
he have a much your fhoto at her room.....
love from she

kimbum I love you fulll

Boy! Kim bum and Kim so eun are really match for each other. I hope they won't break up. Because they are match for each other, even if lot's of girls like him. It's normal. E ven me. HOPE they won't BREAK-UP EVER AGAIN. I hope the boys over flowers 2 will be much romantic.

hi kim bum you are so handsome and think i'm fallin 4 u

Hi Kim Bum.... you are so very very cute and handsome boy.... I LOVE U FULL SWEETY.....

hai kim how do you do??????

kimbum ,
i'm adhe yulinda from Medan,Indonesia .
You know?
if i see your acts those so good,
youre so handsome,
i'm very like your smile because it can make me to be fallingin love with you .
hmmm .
please reply my massage .
and don't forget i hope if you have break time you must come to Medan,Indonesia .
Okkeehh my boy ?

hello, my name is osa from malang,indonesia. i am is your fans. i have afriend. the name is wulan. she is your fans to.

Hiii,,, I'm Hanna FRom Padang,Indonesia...
hOw do you do??
YOu are so hand some,KIm bum...

hi,i'm dinda!
i'm from madiun,Indonesia......
kim bum you are so cute.......
I LOVE YOU FULL..............
I LOVE YOU FULL................

We love u always......

from: Indonesia
-Dyeeach (081242931888)
-Mierah (04112828090)
-Meike (0411372693)
-Ramuz (085255954704)

♥♥♥♦♣♠i love kim bum he is my idol after the phenominal success of boys over flowers. up to now he is my idol i love kim bum forever more power to your carrer and take care god bless.♥♥♥♦♣♠

kim bum fanatic :)

hi kim bum
i am Nabina from Nepal and i like your acting in BBF Very much.


hi .you are my idol.i love you so much .my aunt love u too

kulap love kim bum

hi i am ezureen .I from malaysia .i love u so much .


HELLO............i m preet frm india.........i m big fan of u & ur acting.......keep it up......

hai,KIm bUM,I lovE U...I LOVe u sMIle.u SmilE IS cUtee....i lOVe u moVIeN "DeaTH beLL"...U CaN CAll mE...???
My phONE No is 013 9340557....plEAse caLL Me...

I love u....i LOve u....

aishiteru so much kim bum...

it's a really the killer in 5 seconds....
\luv y so much....

hi kim bum...
i really like among the F4.. maybe it's because you're the cutest among them...
hope to see more of your shows and endorsement on TV...
always keep up the good work..
love yahh!!!!^*^

----ehdz03 from philippines

kim bum I LOVE YOU.....

hello im randel im your the best #1 sup0rter/fan.......keep up the go0d w0rk..!

kim bum i love u full dech...........
km co. pling guwanteng yg q tew

hai!! I just love it when you smile... your face is sooooo handsome when you smile...
put more picture of you smiling please... i wonder can you reply my messages...?? huh...

can I ask?
are you brothers with Kim Hyunn Joong??
You both have the name KIM..

kim bum. u act so great as so ji jung. <3

hei-hei...o my gosh
yOu alwaYs maKe mE BluSh whEn i See uR SmIle
I hOpe i Hav sOmeoNe like u...."SANTA IS MY WISH $ MY FUTURE!!!" yeah~
wiSh u a BriGht FutUre.... :)

Hey dude!! what it means about younger sister and brother? i was just confused!! Still you're my iDOL!! "KUTGW"

hai kim bum. . . . .
I LOVE YOU. . . .
MGA SUKSES Z. . .. . . . ..

ilove kim sang bum and boys before flowers
i like kim sang bum and boys before flowers
kim sang bum IS THE BEST FOREVER

hai kim bum!!i like ur stylr..u very smart n handsome guys!!i want meet u,if i study at korea..u are the best in my life!!gud luck!!

kim bum
i'm from indonesia
can you as my brother?
'n' can you spike indonesia? bcse i'm can't spk korea. he..he.........heeeeeeeeeeee
o yeah i like jstkding

i am aulia , from indonesia.....
you is the best for me....
i love you kim bhum......
you is very very perfecly....
thank you.....

i like you.......!!!!!!!!!

i ♥ u in boys over flower u where like awesume...
i will always be u r fan.....
i love u.....
annyong oppa

love u fullll.............:-)

cuakeepee pooll.....!!!!!....amazingg

How Are you?
we are eliene and rio and analyn...
We are from the Philippines...
and we are a big fan of yours..

hope to see you in personal...

i luv u kim bum

sooooooooo sweeeeeeet

i love yuuuuuu kim bum

hope to see you in personal..

hai,kim bun..
since i watch BOF,i fall in luv with ur style..
u look so charming...
so cuteeeeeeee....:)
i will learn how to speak korea so that i will talk with u...:)

im kristel i have a crush on you

dah la cute,comel plak tu.Hahaha.

don't worry about them, they'll get their attention away from you when the time come ;). is there boys over flowers 2. and what happen to woo bin and yi jung? Don't they have any 'soulmate'?

ka ko gnteng bngetzzz chiii ('_^ )

I really love ur acting....Though I am not really sure if u can speak English....I really wanna learn Korean...add me on facebook if u have one.... I'm Natalie Roa.My profile picture is the girl wearing a headband with 2 ponytails....

hi kim bum
I'm allora grace
I'm from philippines

ang cute mo talaga
i love yo're movie
yo're my idol talaga dito

I love you

Kim Bum I LoVe YoU!!! YoU sO vErY cUtE aNd HaNdSoMe.....

kiki amelia putry said...

hi...........kIm bUM pA KAbAR Baik2 Ja kAn. kAmu aKAn aDA slalu Di hATY Qiu

hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ica luv kim bum said... bum...i love you full.

kim bum!!i love you so much

hi!!i dont like to call you kim mangikil..itz zo u zo much!!!uber!!i love ur smile!!..

hayeeeeeee>.......... kim bum hpe dat i can see yuhh...! in prson

hello,nice to meet you .

kim bum your so sweet...........
ME sietie made INDONESIA,,,

sory g bsa B.KOREA,,,,,EUM AKU TH SKA BGT AMA ACTING KMU DIBBf Dan q iNGin KMU tuh MaIN FILm lgi DengAn acTING yg LUaR biASA......q sietie dri INDONESIA,,,,WHEN YOUR CAME TO INDONESIA?????????????



i really love u....
you look so cute in u'r acting...
keep u'r smile.... jasmin from malaysia...i just wanna say u really handsome boy...i hope happening always and cute smile always

angeldaen_exe18 said...


kim bum is soh minaa.,
i'm leraning korean language,,
like it soh much..,,

hope ur gonna read this,...

chega is soh happy...
im one of ur fan,....

hi,kim bum...i`m syasya...please add

riska in indonesia
hai kim bum i love you
please call
085746730450 please


I'm write his profile for my descriptive text assignment .. :))

Hoooww cute you aree , omh Kim Bum :*
oppa .. saranghaeyo ..

kimbum i'm ulfi ........
plese add me
i hope that .....

hello kim bum ...i'm from nepal...really love watching korean movies n dramas....loved boys before flowers...loved your smile...u look so so so cute ....


i`m rini from indonesia.....

u so very cute and handsome......

love you.....

julie pangaribuan said... bum..
i'm julie pangaribuan from indonesia,,,
kim bum i know you when i watch BOF in indonesia
and i just want to say that everything that you do,me and all your fans in indonesia wish that you will always get the best in your life...

because i know that you have some thing amazing...

annyonnnnnnnnng kim bum
i m nurul from indonesia
i wish u come to indonesia,, please ok
in here your fans is very waiting for u

. . . .kawai kim bum ol your movie i like it. . . like chuva chuchu. . .

hanyong haseo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kim bum sunbae.......
sarang heyo.....
love you.

kim bum..... kim bum....
you very2 perfect..............
i luv you................

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